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Humanitarian Demining



COLOMBIA, Municipality of Leiva (Nariño)


Humanitarian demining

Perigeo is the only Italian organization operating in the humanitarian demining.  

Active in Colombia since 2016 Perigeo is the first civil organization to deal with the humanitarian demining in the Narino Department, with the goal to get the territory free from the presence – real or suspected – of anti-personnel mines, unexploded devices and improvised explosive device (IED) to give back to the local residents the right to make use of he land.

Perigeo performs and develops integral action activities of contrast of the anti-personnel mines, thus contributing to make Colombia free from thier lethal presence.


Perigeo gave back to the region of Narino and the community of the municipality of Leiva – one of those assigned to the organization – the lands declared free from the anti-personnel mines and improvised explosive devices, spread throughout all the colombian territory during the internal war between the FARC guerrilla and the government. This victory supports the peace process and helps the local agricultural economy

2.919 square mt  of land have been de-mined and 2000 persons have been trained

Perigeo will continue the humanitarian demining operations in El Rosario, the second municipality that it has been assigned by Descontamina Colombia

Perigeo is also developping a project to recover the rural schools in order to prevent young people from leaving their studies because tempted by easy illicit gains